Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Many smartphone users ( including me ), don't like the new ring lockscreen that we get after some software updates on older HTC Sense 2.1 devices ( like my phone, which is HTC Salsa C510e ).

So here is a trick to change the ring lockscreen to a slide-to-side lockscreen as shown below:

Ring lockscreen changed to Slide-to-side lockscreen



1. Check HTC Sense version.
By navigating to "Settings" ==> "About phone" ==> "Software information", check if it says "2.1" under "HTC Sense version". This is how it should look:

2. Using any of your favourite file explorer app, navigate to /system/app/ . There will be a file named "HtcLockScreen.apk" (see the red box) :

3. Rename it to "HtcLockScreen.apk.bak". We dont delete it because if the trick doesn't work or if we want the ring lockscreen back, we can rename it to original name.

4. After renaming:

5. Reboot the phone. You will have the slide-to-side lockscreen after the phone starts.


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